Can chess be a good educational game for toddlers?

by Educational Toys Planet

Did you decide to teach your three year old to play chess? This is very good news, and here’s why. After all, chess is not just a game that delivers a lot of fun for children, but it is also a fun, effective and efficient means of mental development. The process of learning chess helps children focus on simple things, teaches them to remember, compare, generalize, predict the results of their work; it also contributes to the improvement of such valuable qualities as diligence, attentiveness, independence, patience, ingenuity, etc.


It is wise to start learning the game as soon as possible. But in order to make chess one of the best educational games for toddlers, the teaching certainly needs to be done at a level accessible to a child.

A child can join “the game of kings” when he or she is about 3 years old. A child of three years old – is a person with his own special inner world, the habits, desires, stubbornly asserting themselves and defending their independence. He “mastered” speech, (he knows more than 1,000 words), moves well, knows how to count. She asks endless questions, showing a keen interest in her surroundings. This interest, he quenches in games, draws, sculpts, and is engaged in constructing. The kid is attentive to the word, its meaning, but to control the attention of 3-year old child is better in game form. For three years the attention of the baby quite well developed, but still very unstable. Even the most exciting work he is engaged is usually more than 10-15 minutes. And it often happens that a child cannot concentrate on the same thing for longer than 4-5 minutes. If this is not fixed, then there could spell trouble in school. Therefore, attention must be paid that your toddler it is not overworked in the same type of activity. One needs to diversify toddlers’ activities by introducing her into new gaming situations.

At this age a toddler cannot divide their attention between multiple objects. The volume of his attention, i.e., the number of objects with which it can operate at the same time does not exceed 2-3. Very often a child cannot even concentrate on as a few as 2 subjects at the same time. Therefore, by offering him a different job, one must try not to require attention to several complex objects or actions. And most importantly, a 3-year-old child has a narrow “the scope of view,” it is difficult to simultaneously monitor the objects spaced at a distance from each other. It is desirable that the objects were located as close as possible to each other.
The age of three to three-and-a-half years old is when the kids along with a powerful visual-thinking elements of the form of creative thinking, develop memory and attention. Children adequately perceive it, and learn to compare, pick up objects by color and size. By the end of the third year of life, toddlers are able to speak slowly, clearly answer the questions, tell us about an event in 2-4 sentences, perceive little fairy story, even without visual accompaniment, correctly hold a pencil and use it, hold the horizontal, vertical, rounded lines. Gradually, the children improved spatial orientation, develops the ability to establish a simple relationship between perceived objects and events, children learn simple generalizations.

All these skills and knowledge are the basis on which to build the initial training process of a game of chess. The whole idea is just to make it as clear, accessible, objective, emotionally rich, interesting and desirable.
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  1. Nick

    It is indeed true that toddlers can be trained to play chess at a very young age. It’s a big help for them to exercise discipline within themselves. Parents will for sure love it to see great mental changes that can happen to their children.

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  2. musicmakers

    Wonderful Post!!!! Thanks for sharing……..For mental development of your kids “Educational toys” is good in the process of learning. As we know that chess is one of the best educational toys for babies to make them objective, clear, desirable, interesting and emotionally rich.

  3. letwineJeri

    yes chess have some rules like any other games,soccer ,netball etc when a child is introdued to a game it is all about the coodination of the body and the movement before you introduce the rules