Special Needs

And internet bully called this child with down syndrome “ugly”. Here is mom’s response.

None of us should ignore unacceptable behavior. We command the strong mom Megan Davies Mennes for not ignoring the senseless internet hater. Here is the full text of her reply as it appears on her blog. Dear Troll, Since I started blogging about my son Quinn and his disability, I knew this day would come. There’s no [...]

The Language of Autism

I found this video absolutely… astonishing? Astounding? Interesting? In My Language Are people with autism trapped in their own world? Or are the rest of us just trapped in ours? This video starts with weird collection of sounds and actions: humming, running fingers on the keyboard, tapping, waving hands, burring face in the book… This [...]

The autism controversy

In case you have been following the controversy regarding children autism-related statements by Michael Savage, we are publishing a transcript of his audio comments regarding his opinions and beliefs. … And yet I will caution you to not rush to judgment, because the truly autistic child needs as much help as he or she can [...]

Dyslexia. Parent’s resources

The following site has been recommended by a parent of a child with dyslexia: Diane Craft Dianne has developed a unique diagnostic program that will reveal where the learning process is breaking down for your child and will train the parent in using the corrective steps that will help overcome the child’s processing “glitch”. Dianne [...]