Gifted & Talented

New perspective on the college selection dilemma

My dearest little nephew, the first baby I ever fell in love with as my own, is no longer so little. Quite the opposite: a young man, he is collecting college response mailings on top of his dresser.  Time for one of the biggest decisions of his entire life.  Loving him so much, we all [...]

Is your child gifted? Other kind of talented thinker?

Parents and teachers always try to identify the gifted students. Usually extremely bright students with higher than average abilities to learn are considered to be gifted. In reality, such approach is too simplistic. A well-recognized university speaker, numerous publications author, and a former school teacher, Bertie Kingore, Ph.D., suggests more complex and unique classification of [...]

Raising Intelligent Children

All parents want to raise intelligent children, but many wonder how they can go about doing this. The first step is to define “intelligence. According to Glenn Doman’s book How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge, intelligence is, “a product of three things: the ability to read; the ability to do math; the amount of [...]

The secret to raising smart kids

A kid easily succeeds with another task that leaves his peers struggling. Parents, beaming with pride, praise the kid by telling him, that he is talented, he is gifted. Praise is good, right? Not necessarily. As a parent who believes that praise is a very important and integral part of learning, of building confidence, I [...]

Are we failing our geniuses? Gifted kids education

Are we failing our geniuses? Time magazine article that indicates the drawbacks of American system of education for gifted children (click on a link for a full article): “We take for granted that those with IQs at least three standard deviations below the mean (those who score 55 or lower on IQ tests) require “special” [...]