Early Development

My toddler doesn’t like to read!!!

Toddlers are always on the move. Yet, both of my own little ones LOVED books at that age. Though, reading stories wasn’t on their agenda…  eating them (literary) seemed a lot more enticing.   While we didn’t end up eating any books (phew!), reading them together didn’t immediately happen as I was dreaming… Reading stories came [...]

How we began learning to read and adding other languages

“How did you begin teaching your kids to read? How long it took? How did you add languages? This is so confusing!” I wish you knew how much I can relate to your anxiety. I used to feel completely overwhelmed, not sure how to start/proceed/make heads of tails out of it… and freaking out along [...]

Incorporating Learning Music into Daily Lives

How do you add music to your daily life? In one of my favorite Yahoo groups, MontessoriMusic, this discussion brought up many ideas. You can read about our own latest approach and download our free materials at the end. Listening to different composers during daily activities: softer tunes, like Chopin, for drawing, faster ones, like [...]

Video on introducing addition to a child

        Montessory three-part lesson is used for introducing and reinforcing the concept of addition. Can be used for other mathematical operations. No need to be an expert Montessory teacher or any special tools – you can get everything at right at home. Very good video, excellent simple and laconic explanations. Short and [...]

Music Together Classes vs. Music for Aardvarks

            My little one, Smiles, is growing and I am anxious to introduce more music into his life. Our stereo got broken, and while we are working on a fix, I decided to join a mommy and me music class. Besides, Smiles tends to feel really excited in the most [...]

Signing Time! Video

I feel like a silly writer character in the old joke, who gets so many positive responses for his own novel, that decides to go and read it himself. I’ve passed on the recommendations to get Signing Times videos to many-many-many parents, who later became huge fans of these videos. Recently I found them on [...]