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Continent Boxes: coins activity

Coins are some of the most popular items to include into the continent boxes: they are small, take little space, easy to ask a friend to bring back from a trip, very distinctive in every country. Getting our European coins ready for the European Box of a Montessori Continent Box Swap, we came up with [...]

Continent Swap: Asia

A few months ago Honey, the amazing Mondorfment Mom, started a Montessori Continent Box Swap (click on a link for more information).  While I am still waiting for all the items to arrive, some moms were very kind to share what they included in a swap. I’d like to post a summary of those items [...]

European Continent Box – Animals – Hedgehog Craft & Book

There are many-many animals in Europe. I was surprised that hedgehogs don’t live on every continent! Using these directions, create one for yourself and you can put it on a map of Europe, as its place of origin! I came up with this craft for the Montessori Continent Box Swap. You can learn more about [...]

Montessori Continent Box Swap – Europe

I am continuing to share the incredible resources that we’ve accumulated for the Montessori Continent Box Swap. Just as a reminder: 7 moms, 7 continents, each is putting together some amazing things for each of the continents and sharing it with the rest. Get more information about it here: Montessori Continent Box Swap. Finally, this [...]

Montessori Continent Box Swap – Arctic/Antarctica

I still cannot believe we did it! Thanks to Honey, the amazing Mondorfment Mom who wittily combines Montessori, Waldorf and Attachment Parenting, quite a lot of us had a chance to learn about the world and to find fun and interactive ways to bring this to our children. It was called a “Continent Swap”. There [...]

Free Montessori Geography Album

I am a huge fan of Karen Tyler’s Montessori albums, that cover in great detail all sections of Montessori learning materials for ages 2 1/2 to 6. Terrific step-by-step instructions take a novice parent and even an advanced teacher to a new level. FAQ’s help resolve both everyday behavioral problems with kids (e.g. why kids [...]