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The Dogs of Venice by Maisy, the Travel Mouse.

I, Maisy, the Travel Mouse, need to tell you about special animals of Venice. The fauna of Venice, like most world cities, isn’t seen much due to the lack of natural habitat. Plus there are no trees in Venice, and Venetian canal water is questionably clean. You can occasionally see city birds, like pigeons and [...]

Traveling to Venice, Italy. Maisy’s becoming a Venetian.

I was awakened today by the fresh breath of the Venetian atmosphere. The hunger and fatigue felt in the pits of my stomach confirmed my jet lag, caused by the fact that I had landed in Italy just one sunset ago. The plane ride was stuffy – of course I was squished in the overhead [...]

Maisy is going to Barcelona, Spain

  The little stuffed mouse Maisy is on a mission to travel around the globe and help us learn more about the world! (See more about this here: Maisy The Mouse Goes Traveling) So with his little laminated passport safely stashed in a toy backpack behind his shoulders, Maisy is joining our very kind neighbors [...]

Maisy the Mouse Goes Travelling

Learning more about the world became the major subject that we concentrated for the past year. Now we found a new exciting way to set forth our explorations. Lately, we pick a country, we look at it at the map, line up animals that live there and cherish our little treasures that we collected for [...]

Maisy is back from Spain!

Maisy is finally back from his vacation in Barcelona (if you are not familiar with our little traveler, read more at Maisy is going to Barcelona, Spain)! And, looking at his pictures, we can see that it surely was something remarkable. Thanks to our truly amazing neighbor, Maisy and us learned a lot about Barcelona! [...]