Educational Presentations

Meet the champions of the Animal Olympics.

As the summer Olympics come to a close, people still buzz around with the names of the stars and champions that this year’s games brought us. Another successful Olympics passed, leaving the history books with many names.  Have you ever wondered what the Olympic Games would be like if animals were the athletes? Let me [...]

Top 3 Role Models for Kids

Imagine growing up in the 21st century. You are growing up in a time period where it is acceptable for pop stars to “twerk on national television. It’s widespread practice for hip-hop artists to make music that contains no real message. Even professional athletes, people who supposedly devote their lives to self-improvement and a healthy [...]

Vintage Educational Posters

Came across a few Vintage Educational Posters and decided to share some cool images and descriptions. Most of these posters are a part of sets of teaching charts used in 1960′s to 19070′s in Europe. Many of these posters were internationally appreciated for their educational value, published by the various museums and silk-screened onto paper. [...]

Museums in Europe 1 Presentation – English

Encyclopedic knowledge cards for babies. Glenn Doman’s method

With three kids in a tow finding time to update the educational materials that we use became quite a challenge. Yet I was asked a question recently about Encyclopedic Knowledge cards for babies, as as I was answering it, it grew into its own little post, rather then a few comment-words. Showing Encyclopedic Knowledge cards [...]

Geography materials: World biomes pinmap

Absolutely fantastic resource: files to create your own pin-map with different biomes, and cards with excellent pictures and descriptions of them. Thanks to Liesl Den for sharing this! I am busy printing and cutting. I think I’ll group it with our “Top 10 Largest Deserts” and “World Biomes” (by Perla Adams) presentations. World Biomes Pin [...]