Book Review

The best thing a parent can do for the kids is to die. Shocking study.

It must be the best place and time to be a parent in the whole human history: medicine and safety under the belt of this era; outstanding toys/books/yada-yada available; parent’s advice flooding bookshelves, Facebook newsfeeds, tv channels… And don’t forget scientific researches. How come we are still so overwhelmed, frustrated, at our wits ends, battling [...]

New perspective on the college selection dilemma

My dearest little nephew, the first baby I ever fell in love with as my own, is no longer so little. Quite the opposite: a young man, he is collecting college response mailings on top of his dresser.  Time for one of the biggest decisions of his entire life.  Loving him so much, we all [...]

What’s your favorite book

On a TeachYourBabyToRead yahoo group, another terrific discussion of great books for the kids up to two years old. We LOVE reading, so couldn’t skip this opportunity to insert our five cents.  Please jump on a wagon and add your favorites! A.P.P., Larry Sanger, put a terrific list together.  You can search for it in [...]

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky A. Bailey

Aha, another terrific book on positive discipline. I thought, that if you read one good book, you’d be as good as it gets. Apparently not: I still often feel the urge for a good old fashioned yelling, stomping my feet and loosing my patience. I try to avoid all of the above. Yelling feels good… [...]

Ready to Read? by Vickie Glembocki. Article Review

Thanks to A.P.P. for sharing this! Review of “Ready to Read?” by Vicki Glembocki in the October 2009 issue of Parents magazine. The article is very helpful in that it encapsulates, in a relatively short space, all of the prejudice, confusion, and lack of knowledge that surrounds the issue of teaching kids to read at an [...]

How to handle your kids’ endless “WHY?”

“Mommy, why do stars twinkle? Daddy, why do fingers look funny in a bathtub? Mommy, why do we need to go to bed? Daddy, why?…Why?..” Do you have a “why-attack” in your home? I love those questions. I think it exposes kids curiosity. I think it shows is their thirst for knowledge. I think it [...]