Learning Languages

Word treasure hunts grow into educational fairy tales!

A while ago I shared one of the ways we found to spice up our learning to read: Word Treasure Hunts really spiced it up, and brought some magic into our lives. You can read more about setting it up in this article: Word Treasure Hunts. Recently we were ready to elaborate it, get it [...]

Teach your kids to read and math: word cards and a schedule!

Thanks to Kristina from TeachYourBabyToRead group for sharing this fabulous resource: incredible collection word cards and, the most amazing – the schedule on when/how to use it, what to retire, what to add, etc. Enjoy!!!! Here is a link to my schedules for Math – also a year’s worth!!! Here is a link to my [...]

Free Presentation: Teach Your Child To Read in Russian

Thanks to all kind comments! Your words are truly encouraging. So, here are some updates to the Russian presentations sections: Introductory Words In Russian PPT (8 1/2 x 11, with pictures) file has been updated again with new words and illustrations, and a new Introductory Russian Couplets 3 presentation is posted. I’ll continue to add [...]

Free Presentation in Russian – poem

Happy New Year to everyone! My little one, Smiles, is more and more into homemade books. We read them a few times a day, and his most favorite ones – are our homemade poem-books. So, here is our latest one. Koshka Ona Umeet Prevrashat’sya, Novella Matveeva. If you like to see other Russian poems about [...]

Free Phrases presentation in Englsih, German and Spanish

Some more presentations from Isa: want cards – things that kids like to do, such as playing hockey, playing chess, flying kytes, etc. Randomizer is included and presentation can be viewed in English, Spanish, or German with or without the pictures. Learn to Read… in Spanish, English or German: Want Cards 1-3. Thanks to Isa!!(11/22/2009) [...]

How we began learning to read and adding other languages

“How did you begin teaching your kids to read? How long it took? How did you add languages? This is so confusing!” I wish you knew how much I can relate to your anxiety. I used to feel completely overwhelmed, not sure how to start/proceed/make heads of tails out of it… and freaking out along [...]