What’s the Perfect Age to Learn How to Swim

Splash.  Not a moment of hesitation.  Thousands of tiny droplets cover the sides of the pool.  The first thing emerging from a distant blue bottom is a happy grin with a few missing teeth.  Another dive and with a few confident strokes he reaches the other side of the pool.  The ball is his again. [...]

Kids and moms safety – beyond and against "Don’t talk to strangers"

“Don’t talk to strangers.” Don’t you talk to strangers all the time? Don’t we force our kids to break that rule all the time?   “Say hello to the nice lady.”  “Introduce yourself to this nice neighbor.”    “Come and meet your aunt Maggi!  Common, give aunt Maggie a kiss, don’t be rude.” “If you [...]

CAR SEATS!!! Child’s safety – opinions needed!!!

Is it finally the time to transfer my older one, Sunshine, into the next level car-seat – the booster? He seems so big compared to my little one, Smiles. He seems so mature, so tall, so… so isn’t he ready? This is a hot question and I wish there was one answer. First, I thought [...]

Soft plastic toys are health risk

It seems that every year buying gifts and necessities for our little ones becomes harder and harder. Now there is a new low that bans the use of certain toxic chemicals in the toy manufacturing since February 2009. Toys containing the chemicals, called phthalates, can no longer be manufactured or imported after February 2009… Sounds [...]

FDA Warning: Nipple Cream Hurts Babies

Breastfeeding can be daunting and painful in the beginning. Before the breasts get used to it, most of the moms experience cracked nipples, painful sensations, even bleeding. It’s good we have a variety of nipple creams that can help us heal our breasts. Though, it appears that not all nipple creams are crated equal: some [...]

Safety of antibacterial soap debated

Another great WebMD article that makes you think some things over: Safety of Antibacterial Soap Debated Millions of Americans use antibacterial soaps and household cleaners every day, believing that their germ-killing ability will keep them and their families healthier. But could these same chemicals that fight germs also be hazardous to your health? That’s a [...]