Homemade baby shower decoration. Super easy, cute and useful.

I am not into thousands of little details, that take forever to prepare and even longer remove and dump into the garbage. The baby showers that I’ve organized happened to be in the mom-to-be house, so I wanted both “mom-to-be” clean-up part and “dragging stuff” to be minimized to the bare minimum. No need to [...]

Easy and fabulous DIY diaper cake

Do you know the most useful, the most helpful, and the prettiest gift you could give to a mother to be?  It is a diaper cake.  Ever since I discovered them, I was totally sold on the idea: a practical item, that will be used repeatedly over and over, that will be helpful to the [...]

Moms help moms duck postpartum depression

The baby is here. The baby is perfect: rosy cheeks, huge eyes, sweet smelling hair… so why the mommy is ready to cry any second? As if having a new baby in the house is not enough cause of anxiety, as if the lack of sleep and hectic day schedule doesn’t just compound things, the [...]

Nutty diet in pregnancy and asthma risk

As a vegetarian, who is madly in love with all kinds of nuts I found this study greatly disturbing. How much more do we have to alter our diets during pregnancy? How did kids in previous centuries even survive – their mothers didn’t know anything about correct nutrition and the right lifestyle? Yet, it’s better [...]

Drug labels may revise pregnancy risks

Being pregnant, or breastfeeding, AND in pain, the most difficult part is choosing what medicine you can take, and which one can be dangerous for the developing baby. Avoiding drugs and going through pain? I don’t know what’s worse. Don’t you just wish that most drugs contained a little more information on the label then [...]

What a newborn needs. Resources for new parents.

Are you pregnant? Did you just have a baby? Congratulations! Either of these news is a great news!!! I think that becoming a mother (or a father) immediately places you in some kind of sainthood. It’s extraordinary… But let’s get down to business. What resources can help me (books, web)? (The most updated part!) Can I [...]