SOS! Help with chores! Tips for housebreaking a husband.

It all began with my girlfriend’s frantic call the other night: the nanny is leaving, hiring up another one is not an option, how am I going to manage?  Work, and kids… it is just too much! I would never be able to do all the things that I do, if not for my husband’s [...]

Getting Kids to Help around the House? Here is How…

I really want to live in a clean house!  Chasing after my boys, I do not have the time to scrub it during the day,  and energy – during the night.  Obviously, mom needs help. I believe in these strategies: Working as a team. Taking baby steps: make it easier to succeed. Making certain chores [...]

American Girl Doll – an American dream or a nightmare?

When my daughter was seven, she asked me for an American Girl doll. For most mothers a request for a doll will be a regular occurrence. For me it was like a dream come true (never mind the fact that the only reason she asked was because her best friend got one). As soon as [...]

Pink vs. Blue, or How Convention Defeated Mom

I consider myself a very lucky parent, because my children in my opinion are very easy going. There is very little drama when it comes to my kids’ daily life (except maybe when it’s meal time, but that is a whole different story). When it comes to clothes, I’ve heard and sympathized with a friend [...]

After Dinner Jobs

  Wouldn’t you love to walk into a kitchen all clean and sparkling? I just loved how this family came up with a practice that helps everyone clean up quickly, without fights and with whole family participating: Around the House After Dinner Jobs. My kids are 6 and 2 and it is too early for [...]

Does background TV make kids loose focus?

Since we had our firstborn join the family watching TV became an impossible feat. Meanwhile, many parents find it comfortable enough to watch their favorite show while their little ones are playing nearby. Is it a safe practice? In a news release, researcher Marie Evans Schmidt said “background TV, as an ever-changing audiovisual distractor, disrupts [...]