Health Concerns

Save the baby teeth!

Even though those teeth in your little one’s adorable smile are just temporary, we still have to take great care of them. How do you brush your kids teeth? Parents of toddlers probably want to ask: “how do you keep the baby from squirming away?” Parents of school-age kids probably would rephrase it: “How do [...]

Sunblocks that work. Lotions, shampoos, soaps that are safe

You watch what your child eats. You religiously smoother your little one with sunblock from head to toes. You remind them again and again to wash their hands. You help them wash off their tearless shampoo. You both have fun building soapy mountains of bath foamy babbles. You put some nice smelling lotion before bedtime. [...]

Dairy and egg replacements. Allergy help.

My kid has egg allergy. Milk allergy. All kinds of allergies! It’s a nightmare: food is falling apart, he can eat only food from home, to every party we come with our own versions of pizzas, cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. Search for substitutes is a never ending story for us. If you feel like [...]

Letting Infants Watch TV Can Do More Harm Than Good

Yet another article stresses the harmful effect of television on little children. How is this article different from the rest? It examines various studies all over the world, all of which, unfortunately, indicate that TV watching has more bad then good for the little children: Professor Christakis’ extensive review looked at 78 studies published over [...]

Little ones and cold medicine

There has been a recent swipe of most of decongestants, cough suppressing medicines, and other cold medicines for little kids from the shelves of all the pharmacies. This is further information on the dangers of cold medicines for the little ones:A significant number of infants tested positive for cough and cold medicines on a toxicology [...]

Nutty diet in pregnancy and asthma risk

As a vegetarian, who is madly in love with all kinds of nuts I found this study greatly disturbing. How much more do we have to alter our diets during pregnancy? How did kids in previous centuries even survive – their mothers didn’t know anything about correct nutrition and the right lifestyle? Yet, it’s better [...]