Raising a Toddler

How children’s friendships work at every age

Case study: the beginning of a perfect day. I managed to squeeze both bikes into the car, drag them to the park and now my older boys can enjoy making rounds all over the park. Somehow, they keep gravitating back to the little patch, where I camped out with their 2 year old brother. Somehow, [...]

Can chess be a good educational game for toddlers?

Did you decide to teach your three year old to play chess? This is very good news, and here’s why. After all, chess is not just a game that delivers a lot of fun for children, but it is also a fun, effective and efficient means of mental development. The process of learning chess helps [...]

Plunge into Montessori

Having a second baby didn’t change anything for us: we are still as eager to spend tons of time educating and having fun with our kids. Actually, it is the same thing – learning – is fun… Having a second baby changed everything: we have absolutely NO TIME! I needed something that will allow kids [...]

Early spankings make for aggressive toddlers. Study results

Spanking – this is a highly debated issue. Some believe a good swap on the butt can’t do any damage. Some believe that the damage can be quite substantial. The study is published in the September/October issue of Child Development is analyzing if the spanking one year olds can result in a more aggressive behavior [...]

How to handle your kids’ endless “WHY?”

“Mommy, why do stars twinkle? Daddy, why do fingers look funny in a bathtub? Mommy, why do we need to go to bed? Daddy, why?…Why?..” Do you have a “why-attack” in your home? I love those questions. I think it exposes kids curiosity. I think it shows is their thirst for knowledge. I think it [...]

Another great book for preschoolers and toddlers

Another terrific book for toddlers and preschoolers: A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker. The story is reminded me “Green Eggs and a Ham”. It has just as much charm. The text is wonderful, the illustrations are lovely, the characters are very animated, humorous and so lovable! Imagine a big bear who doesn’t have any [...]