Helping Children to Make Friends

Every morning I wake up to the same sound: “Friends will be friends! When you’re in need of love they give you care and attention, – shouting the stereo in my son’s room. As much as I love Queen, I am quite tired of this song. “Tired doesn’t have enough intensity to describe it… yet [...]

How children’s friendships work at every age

Case study: the beginning of a perfect day. I managed to squeeze both bikes into the car, drag them to the park and now my older boys can enjoy making rounds all over the park. Somehow, they keep gravitating back to the little patch, where I camped out with their 2 year old brother. Somehow, [...]

How to Bullyproof Your Child

The secret? It’s a game. THE ONLY RULE IS: IF you get upset, you lose. None of us wants our children to go through any encounters of bullying. Yet they will. I don’t think anybody can avoid it at one point or another, at some degree. Schools are offering “anti-bulling” programs, declaring “bully-free zone”, but [...]

10 powerful strategies to bully proof your children

Bully Proof Your Children – 10 Powerful Strategies to Stop Bullies in Their Tracks By Jeni Hooper All parents want their children to be popular. We want them to be confident and relaxed in company and to be able to deal with a whole variety of people. We can’t always be there with them to [...]

Top 10 reasons a child should be on a sports team

No matter how shy your kid is, he will always be welcomed and will always find good friends in a sport team. Participating in sports will allow the child to discover previously unknown reserves of his or her body. When your whole team is behind the child, sky is the limit to what he or [...]