Five common mistakes putting their baby or toddler to bed

We just came back from a trip late at night.  Everyone is super tired, super excited.  My toddler woke up twice this night.  My five year old showed up in our bedroom at 3am.  My older one overslept and barely made it to the bathroom.  That’s unusual for us, but sleep is all I can [...]

Bedtime Power Struggle? 5 Unusual Tips to Make Bedtime Routine Better!

You already know the basics: the routine, the schedule, the story.  Yet, getting your adorable little one to bed can still a power struggle.  Or may be you are still crosseyed after all nighttime awakenings.  There are a few uncommon ideas that can help you make the “sweet dreams process closer to your dreams instead [...]

Sleep Trainer shares her view on Cry It Out Loud method as a professional and as a mother

Thanks to SleepbyConnection for sharing this wonderful personal insight in our Sleep Training discussion (see “Crying it out” may damage baby’s brain and Cute parenting technique or child abuse?) As a retired sleep trainer and now a sleep deprived mother, my knowledge of the brain, years of sleep training, years of working with all kinds [...]

Cute parenting technique or child abuse?

We had a rear and wonderful opportunity to spend the weekend with friends. Aaaah, the awesome pre-children days (did they ever happen?), when we could spend so much time just chatting, admiring the nature, the music… Now most of our friends are getting kids of their own and we finally get to see them more [...]

Catnaps are for kittens, not for babies!

My baby is catnapping. It’s driving me nuts: I spend 40 minutes getting him to fall asleep, and then he wakes up 20 minutes later! He wakes up with a broad smile, his arms and legs wiggle vigorously, so I reluctantly take him out of the bed… just to have a very cranky baby hanging [...]

2-months old giraffe catcher. Baby 0-2 months development.

Newborn – first month 1 month old miracle! 2 months old giraffe hunter Hang on there! Three months old hanging for 12 seconds! What worked for us: 2 months old giraffe hunter Our baby celebrated his two months birthday by catching a giraffe! No, I am not completely crazy (just a little). No, not a [...]