Baby Names

Baby girls names inspired by movies

Confident.  Beautiful, inside and out.  Gracious. Brave. Positive. Gentle. These words not only describe our favorite movie characters, but also represent our hopes for our baby girls. Naming your child after the kind princesses of Disney and the courageous characters from your favorite action movies will bring you even more happiness when you look at [...]

Baby boys names inspired by movies

We have all been inspired by fictional movie characters in the past. When those realistic, heroic, magical, inspiring characters come up on our screens, we desire their traits of wisdom and courage.  We pray that our children will have these positive traits, just like our heroes. We want our baby boys to grow up brave [...]

Baby names for boys inspired by the famous literary characters

Are you looking for a special baby name for a special baby boy? Would you like to know which literary characters have inspired other parents to name their little precious by character’s names? Here is a list of the most distinctive baby boys’ names from children, popular and classical literature. We present the top 20 [...]

Baby names for girls inspired by the famous literary characters

For centuries parents have been naming their children by baby names from the literature. We present the top 20 literary baby names that are inspired by memorable book characters. We collected a selection of the most popular and distinctive baby girls names from classic, children and popular books. Sometimes these names are derived from their [...]