Baby Development

Encyclopedic knowledge cards for babies. Glenn Doman’s method

With three kids in a tow finding time to update the educational materials that we use became quite a challenge. Yet I was asked a question recently about Encyclopedic Knowledge cards for babies, as as I was answering it, it grew into its own little post, rather then a few comment-words. Showing Encyclopedic Knowledge cards [...]

Choosing educational baby toys

After two hours in a toy store, picking a PERFECT toy for your PERFECT baby, you finally proudly present another cute and cuddly fluffy to your little precious child only to find out, that this toy is destined to be collecting dust just like your baby’s other possessions in the toy chest. What’s wrong? According [...]

Pull up post: DIY enhancing baby’s environment

In response to some requests to provide more illustrations for the diy projects that we undertook to enhance our baby’s environment, I finally started posting pictures. See our Pull-up post and its description here: Illustration of the Pull Up Bar for the most adorable pulley in your house.

Music Together Classes vs. Music for Aardvarks

            My little one, Smiles, is growing and I am anxious to introduce more music into his life. Our stereo got broken, and while we are working on a fix, I decided to join a mommy and me music class. Besides, Smiles tends to feel really excited in the most [...]

Finding the Perfect Baby Gift

Getting the perfect gift for a special baby can often be a rather difficult task. You worry if the present will interest the child, benefit his or her development, or be useful to the parents. It is important to consider the following factors when selecting the ideal gift: baby gender, parental needs, age of the [...]

Baby physical development: crawling, creeping and brachiating

There have been so many questions and discussions regarding crawling, creeping and brachiating, that I thought it deserves a separate article. In Glenn Doman’s book How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb, there are few chapters devoted to these activities. The first one is crawling.   Doman recommends building a special crawling track for [...]