Free History Learning Materials

Did you know these facts about the history of Thanksgiving Day?

We all know the story of Thanksgiving, right? May be not! We bet, you don’t know a thing or two about the American favorite family holiday. Let’s see… Did you know that…? The first Thanksgiving in 1621, when the pilgrims invited the Native American neighbors to share meal with them, wasn’t just the dinner. It [...]

European Travelers Game Cards

Yet another something that I included into my European collection of items as a part of the Montessori Continent Box Swap: I found good directions for building an Origami ship and created a game/three-part cards where kids can learn about European Explorers, their ships, their journeys and even utilize their origami ship to give each [...]

Free Presentations in English and Russian – Airplane

  More, more airplanes are flying your way! This time this is a cute, simple and short kid’s poem by one of the most beloved Russian Children’s poet, enhanced with famous works of art. “Airplanes” can be found here: Teach Your Baby To Read – Books In English: Agniya Barto, Airplane (English) Teach Your Baby [...]

Free Transportation Presentations – Airplanes

Suddenly the airplanes are drifting into my sons’ area of interests. Apparently, I needed some more materials for them to read and learn. Enjoy! All airplane presentations are available in our Encyclopedic Knowledge – Transportation section, and Russian files in Encyclopedic Knowledge – Transportation Presentations in Russian: Encyclopedic Knowledge – Transportation, English: Airplanes – introductory [...]

Free History of US DVD for schools and homeschoolers

Thanks to Orsi for sharing this wonderful resource: America The Story of US — premiering on HISTORY(TM) April 25 at 9pm/8c — is a six week event that provides a fascinating look at the stories of the people, events, and innovations that forged our nation. It will provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to bring [...]

Free Presentations by A.P.P. – History for Kids!

History, by far, is my own favorite subject. It is truly rare to be able to find information on that subject adapted to younger kids, so these gorgeous presentations wonderfully fill the gap. I truly love how in these presentations A.P.P. is bringing a historical perspective to the subjects that are dear to every kids [...]