Free Materials on Learning Culture

Free Art Presentation in English, Spanish and German: El Greco

I was able to find another file with paintings by El Greco among Isa’s fantastic collection. The file is updated with information about El Greco, some fascinating comparisons of his works with modern artists (scroll to the end), and even the randomizer template is updated for all three languages. Enjoy: Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art El [...]

Free Art Presentation – in English, German, and Spanish

As I was reviewing the terrific presentations that were sent by Isa, I found a few that I just couldn&/#039;t wait to post. This is one of them: Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art El Greco. This wonderful presentation is in English, German and Spanish. Thanks to Isa!! This presentation contains some of the paintings by El [...]

Free Presentation in English: Art Bingo!

It was a long break. But no time went wasted: I was working on a really fascinating project, that I’ll be thrilled to share: Montessori Continent Box Swap! Seven moms got into a game, seven moms picked a continent, seven moms created their own collection of items for the continent they picked and sent their [...]

Free Art Educational Presentations in Spanish

Thanks to Belén for sharing these wonderful Spanish presentations! They include masterpieces by They all contain gorgeous high quality images, well selected words and terrific reading by Diego de Silva Velázquez, sorted by subjects or even by details. All presentations include randomizer. Thank you so much for sharing these! Links to books on the pages [...]

Free Presentations – Encyclopedic Knowledge: Why?

“Mommy, why?… Daddy, why?…” Isn’t it wonderful to have a book that addresses exactly that question? A.P.P. addresses this in one of his terrific presentations below… and then take us on a ride on a Ferris Wheel at the “Amusement Park” presentation! Encyclopedic Knowledge – General Culture. Why. Thanks to A.P.P.!!! (8/20/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge – [...]

Free Presentations – General Culture, Manners, Law

“I just can’t get it: how many times does it take to remind my daughter to say PLEASE!!!” – exclaimed a frustrated friend of mine. I can’t get over a different issue: “Do you like when someone pulls your hair? Or pushes you? Or grabs a toy out of your hand? Then, why do you [...]