Free Geology Materials

Geology ROCK-n-Learn for kids. Best rocks & minerals play activities.

What subjects, topics, bits of knowledge will excite my kids when they grow up? Geology has always been a bitterwseet spot me: as a child I had some fascinating looking cards from a board game, that was lost long before I was born. All that was left from it were those cards. Yep, the fascinating [...]

Geological timeline: even preschoolers can learn it with this fun activity

Geological Timeline is one of our favorite activities. My kids just love pulling out the strings, the little objects, competing whose turn it is to place the next card over the ribbons. The whole geological history of the Earth becomes more tangible and easy to comprehend – and a lot more fun too. Geological Earth [...]

Geologic Timeline Activity

A very kind and resourceful mom is sharing an incredible idea she had for letting the kids understand the enormity of the geological time periods on Earth. The trick? Ingenious in its simplicity: using a very long multicolored ribbon. Different geological periods are indicated by different colors, their length – by ribbon length! On top [...]

Free geology educational materials – Interactive Rock Cycle

Winter time is great: skying, snow days, holidays – all of that is fun. On the other hand – the amount of times we’ve all been sick this wither wasn’t fun at all! Luckily, unlike me, the kids get over their infections very quickly and I am the only one dragging behind from one cold [...]

Free Presentation – Encyclopedic Knowledge – Earth Sciences

Back To Encyclopedic Knowledge Topics Listing How do I use these books? English PowerPoint Presentations Spanish PowerPoint Presentations German PowerPoint Presentations Russian PowerPoint Presentations Presentations in other languages Note: files marked with M include Magnitudes of data – fact listing about each Intelligence Bit. Files marked with V include links to videos. Files marked with [...]

How to teach your child sciences and encyclopedic knowledge

This section started as a purely Doman approach to teaching Encyclopedic Knowledge, but grew into a more comprehensive list of materials for learning about various sciences and fun topics. Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials Books Pick Yourselves a Subject to Learn: categories and units of study Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials at other sites: English; Spanish; Other Languages How [...]