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Thanks to Lore at playschool6 Yahoo Group for sharing this fantastic information: The American Chemical Society is offering an entire chemistry curriculum, complete with online lessons, a free downloadable book, activity sheets and lots more — absolutely free. Middle School Chemistry The web site covers six chapters on subjects such as the periodic table, density [...]

Like the river flows… Chemistry, Unit 2 – Liquids.

          Pouring water, mixing water, squeezing water out of a sponge… have you ever seen any kid who isn’t fascinated with water? Mine is no exception. His excitement is contagious: I catch myself completely hypnotized by every drop… Other Categories and how we use these materials. Categories – Materials and ToDo [...]

What’s the MATTER with you? – chemistry introduction and states of the matter.

What kids doesn’t like experiments? Chemistry was an instant hit in our house. Other Categories and how we use these materials. Categories – Materials and ToDo lists (MS document) Materials Useful for learning Chemisrty Unit 1 – Introduction to Chemisrty – States of the Matter, Elements Unit 2 – Liquids Materials Useful for Learning Chemistry [...]

Free Science Learning Presentation – Chemistry

Back To Encyclopedic Knowledge Topics Listing How do I use these books? English PowerPoint Presentations Other methods/materials for teaching Chemistry Spanish PowerPoint Presentations German PowerPoint Presentations Russian PowerPoint Presentations Presentations in other languages Note: files marked with PI include Programs of Intelligence – fact related tp each Intelligence Bit. Files marked with V include links [...]

How to teach your child sciences and encyclopedic knowledge

This section started as a purely Doman approach to teaching Encyclopedic Knowledge, but grew into a more comprehensive list of materials for learning about various sciences and fun topics. Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials Books Pick Yourselves a Subject to Learn: categories and units of study Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials at other sites: English; Spanish; Other Languages How [...]