Free Science Materials

10 fun facts about the Solar System

Teach children about our cosmic neighborhood – Solar System! 10 fun facts about the Solar System: The 8 planets of the Solar System include 4 inner planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and 4 outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The outer planets of the Solar System are made mostly of gas and water. The inner planets are made up almost entirely of [...]

Geology ROCK-n-Learn for kids. Best rocks & minerals play activities.

What subjects, topics, bits of knowledge will excite my kids when they grow up? Geology has always been a bitterwseet spot me: as a child I had some fascinating looking cards from a board game, that was lost long before I was born. All that was left from it were those cards. Yep, the fascinating [...]

Geological timeline: even preschoolers can learn it with this fun activity

Geological Timeline is one of our favorite activities. My kids just love pulling out the strings, the little objects, competing whose turn it is to place the next card over the ribbons. The whole geological history of the Earth becomes more tangible and easy to comprehend – and a lot more fun too. Geological Earth [...]

Free chemistry materials. Parents’ resources.

Thanks to Lore at playschool6 Yahoo Group for sharing this fantastic information: The American Chemical Society is offering an entire chemistry curriculum, complete with online lessons, a free downloadable book, activity sheets and lots more — absolutely free. Middle School Chemistry The web site covers six chapters on subjects such as the periodic table, density [...]

Geologic Timeline Activity

A very kind and resourceful mom is sharing an incredible idea she had for letting the kids understand the enormity of the geological time periods on Earth. The trick? Ingenious in its simplicity: using a very long multicolored ribbon. Different geological periods are indicated by different colors, their length – by ribbon length! On top [...]

Like the river flows… Chemistry, Unit 2 – Liquids.

          Pouring water, mixing water, squeezing water out of a sponge… have you ever seen any kid who isn’t fascinated with water? Mine is no exception. His excitement is contagious: I catch myself completely hypnotized by every drop… Other Categories and how we use these materials. Categories – Materials and ToDo [...]