Free Literature Materials

Free Presentations – Books in English – Ice Cream!

                  Who doesn’t like ice cream? I think kids don’t like ice cream. They LOVE IT! So, here is a little reading treat. Enyclopedic Knowledge – General Culture: Ice Cream History (English) Teach Your Baby To Read – Books In Russian: Ice Cream History (Russian)

Free Presentations by A.P.P. – books in English

Wonderful, most wonderful new books by A.P.P. I really loved that this set of presentations helps the young readers with vocabulary and that it has more depth to the Charlotte Web lovers – more information about the pigs, about virtues and vices, and about swans and trumpets. Thanks to A.P.P. for sharing these gems (and [...]

Presentations in English and Russian – Language Arts

Single Words, sentences, and much more! Enjoy! Teach Your Child to read… in Russian: Introductory Single Words – 6×22 PPT words.. Good for printing. (11/22/2009) Teach Your Child to read… in English: Introductory Sentences 1 . With illustrations & sounds. (11/22/2009) Teach Your Child to read… in English: Introductory Single Words – Animals 3 – [...]

Free Educational Presentations in German and Spanish – Shadows, Apple

Thanks to Isa and Irene for sharing these wonderful presentations! Ready Made Books: Shadows 1-2. These great presentations are in German. Thanks to Isa!!(10/21/2009) Ready Made Books: Parts of the Apple. Wonderful presentation in Spanish. Thanks to Irene!!(10/21/2009)    

Free Spanish Educational Presentations – Traffic Light, Road Signs

Thanks to Irene for sharing her wonderful Spanish translations of these presentations: Ready Made Books: Traffic Lights 1-3. These great presentations are in German. Thanks to Irene!!(10/20/2009) Ready Made Books: Traffic Gully. Spanish. Thanks to Irene!!(10/20/2009)  

Free Presentations – Books in English – Charlotte’s Web

This collection of presentations is another terrific idea by A.P.P.: every single one of these books explores the words in “Charlotte’s Web”. It’s great to be able to explain in detail to the little ones, what words “cellar”, “keen”, “humble” actually mean! All presentations are wonderfully worded and illustrated. So, I find them useful even [...]