Free Materials

Free Art Presentation – in English, German, and Spanish

As I was reviewing the terrific presentations that were sent by Isa, I found a few that I just couldn&/#039;t wait to post. This is one of them: Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art El Greco. This wonderful presentation is in English, German and Spanish. Thanks to Isa!! This presentation contains some of the paintings by El […]

Free Presentation in Russian – teach reading

More couplets for those who are teaching their kids to read in Russian! Introductory Russian Couplets 2. I’ll continue to add couplets files here: How to Teach Your Baby To Read: Materials (look for Step 2, Couplets and select Russian links).  

European Travelers Game Cards

Yet another something that I included into my European collection of items as a part of the Montessori Continent Box Swap: I found good directions for building an Origami ship and created a game/three-part cards where kids can learn about European Explorers, their ships, their journeys and even utilize their origami ship to give each […]

Free Presentation: Geography – Italy

I created this presentation for the Montessori Continent Box Swap. At home, we created the Venetian masks (instructions and illustrations are inside the presentation), turned on some Vivaldi and jumped and had a fun mascaraed – with lots of jumping, dancing and dress ups. Half an hour of wild chase in the glittery masks… and […]

Montessori Continent Box Swap – Europe

I am continuing to share the incredible resources that we’ve accumulated for the Montessori Continent Box Swap. Just as a reminder: 7 moms, 7 continents, each is putting together some amazing things for each of the continents and sharing it with the rest. Get more information about it here: Montessori Continent Box Swap. Finally, this […]

Montessori Continent Box Swap – Arctic/Antarctica

I still cannot believe we did it! Thanks to Honey, the amazing Mondorfment Mom who wittily combines Montessori, Waldorf and Attachment Parenting, quite a lot of us had a chance to learn about the world and to find fun and interactive ways to bring this to our children. It was called a “Continent Swap”. There […]