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How to teach your child sciences and encyclopedic knowledge

This section started as a purely Doman approach to teaching Encyclopedic Knowledge, but grew into a more comprehensive list of materials for learning about various sciences and fun topics. Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials Books Pick Yourselves a Subject to Learn: categories and units of study Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials at other sites: English; Spanish; Other Languages How […]

Free Astronomy Learning Presentation in English and Russian

Back To Encyclopedic Knowledge Topics Listing How do I use these books? English PowerPoint Presentations Russian PowerPoint Presentations Other methods/materials for teaching Astronomy Look and don’t miss them, the planets of our Solar System! – Astronomy for kids: links, resources, books, presentations, projects, free downloads and more. Note: files marked with M include Magnitudes of […]

How to teach your child foreign language with Doman method

This is just a summary of the Glenn Doman’s method of teaching children a foreign language with my own comments. For easier identification, my own comments are going to be in blue. Select which language you want to teach. I really like Teresa’s recomendations on your selection of the language. Materials that you need: Dictionary […]

Teaching kids Spanish: resources

Me and my son, together, just started learning Spanish. This is an ever growing list of useful resources that I was able to find so far: Power Point Presentations and how to use them Websites for Parents Websites for Kids Books and CDs for Kids Software DVDs, Videos, TV programs Toys Please, please, please add […]

Teaching Kanji – first japanese sounds

Thanks to Marcelo Bayma for sharing this! Begin with japanese sound. Each symbol has an equivalent sound in japanese, for example, “yama”. Told her you are showing japanese words. Show the cards and read the word in japanese. In this stage there’s no problem about multiple meanings, ok? A word is a body & soul […]

How to Teach Your Child Math: Glenn Doman’s Dot Method

Dot method?! What is it. Does it really work? Basic rules of teaching FAQ Steps Resources: where do I get the materials Dot method?! What is it? Out of all the methods by Glenn Doman, his approach to learning math is the most… surprising. We are used to recitals of sequence of numbers (1, 2, […]