Free Materials on Learning Time

Free Presentations in English – Astronomy, Time; in Russian – Syllables

New Presentations in English and Russian: Encyclopedic Knowledge – Astronomy. Space 1, Space 2, Summer Constellations. Thanks to A.P.P.! (2/19/2009) Teach your Baby to Read: Books: Time (in English): contains links to videos. Thanks to A.P.P.!(2/18/2009) Teach Your Child to read… in Russian: Syllables with Myagkiy Znak – b’, v’, g’… up to n’ + [...]

Free educational presentations – fantastic collection of A.P.P.

Thanks to A Proud Papa (A.P.P.) for sharing these absolutely fantastic materials! A.P.P. method of teaching his son to read and other materials he used An amazing collection of presentations by A.P.P. on every possible subject: Encyclopedic Knowledge – General Culture: Things You Find in a Medical Bag. Thanks to A.P.P.!(1/16/2010) Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art: [...]

Download ready-made books

I’ve accumulated so much by now, that all the books required a separate page! They simply wouldn’t fit into one zip file! How do I use these books? Russian Books English Books Spanish Books German Books Books in other languages Fantastic Collection of PowerPoint presentations created by A.P.P. Terrific Collection of PowerPoint presentations shared by [...]