Free Shapes & Geometry Learning Materials

Free Math Learning Presentations – Numbers, Measurements, Geometry

Mathematics is considered to be more then a science: it’s a way of thinking, it’s a way of perceiving a world. Thanks to A.P.P. for new wonderful presentations that open our kids the doors to that world. Encyclopedic Knowledge – Mathematics. Ordinal Numbers. (8/17/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge – Mathematics. Inches, Feet, and Yards. (8/17/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge [...]

Free educational presentations – fantastic collection of A.P.P.

Thanks to A Proud Papa (A.P.P.) for sharing these absolutely fantastic materials! A.P.P. method of teaching his son to read and other materials he used An amazing collection of presentations by A.P.P. on every possible subject: Encyclopedic Knowledge – General Culture: Things You Find in a Medical Bag. Thanks to A.P.P.!(1/16/2010) Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art: [...]