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Free Educational Presentations in Spanish, English and German – My Day, Colors

… and, finally, I started uploading the amazing collection of presentations by Isa: Ready Made Books: Colors in Nature. Wonderful bilingual presentations in English and German. Thanks to Isa!!(9/28/2009) Ready Made Books: Mi Dia Medio – My Half Day. With Sound. Really fun bilingual presentations in English and Spanish, read in both languages. Thanks to [...]

Free Presentations in English, Spanish, German, Russian

Back To Encyclopedic Knowledge Topics Listing How do I use these books? English PowerPoint Presentations Spanish PowerPoint Presentations German PowerPoint Presentations Russian PowerPoint Presentations Note: files marked with PI include Programs of Intelligence – interesting facts about each Intelligence Bit (slide). Files marked with V include links to videos. Files marked with include sound effects. [...]

Free educational presentations – fantastic collection of A.P.P.

Thanks to A Proud Papa (A.P.P.) for sharing these absolutely fantastic materials! A.P.P. method of teaching his son to read and other materials he used An amazing collection of presentations by A.P.P. on every possible subject: Encyclopedic Knowledge – General Culture: Things You Find in a Medical Bag. Thanks to A.P.P.!(1/16/2010) Encyclopedic Knowledge – Art: [...]

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I’ve accumulated so much by now, that all the books required a separate page! They simply wouldn’t fit into one zip file! How do I use these books? Russian Books English Books Spanish Books German Books Books in other languages Fantastic Collection of PowerPoint presentations created by A.P.P. Terrific Collection of PowerPoint presentations shared by [...]