Free Math Learning Materials

Free Math Presentation – Number Two “2″

Free Math Presentation – Number One “1″

Here you can find a Power Point flash cards to teach children number “1″ – NUMBER One!

Matt Hudson’s Randomizer for Power Point is finally here!

Many parents have reported that the fantastic randomizer by Matt Hudson no longer is available at its original location: Matthew Hudson’s Doman plugin. So, now everyone who has problems with the original location, can download it from ChildAndMe: zip file “Doman”. The directions for installing it are inside the zip. It appears, that it doesn’t [...]

Teach your kids to read and math: word cards and a schedule!

Thanks to Kristina from TeachYourBabyToRead group for sharing this fabulous resource: incredible collection word cards and, the most amazing – the schedule on when/how to use it, what to retire, what to add, etc. Enjoy!!!! Here is a link to my schedules for Math – also a year’s worth!!! Here is a link to my [...]

Free Educational Presentations in Spanish, English and German – My Day, Colors

… and, finally, I started uploading the amazing collection of presentations by Isa: Ready Made Books: Colors in Nature. Wonderful bilingual presentations in English and German. Thanks to Isa!!(9/28/2009) Ready Made Books: Mi Dia Medio – My Half Day. With Sound. Really fun bilingual presentations in English and Spanish, read in both languages. Thanks to [...]

Free Math Learning Presentations – Numbers, Measurements, Geometry

Mathematics is considered to be more then a science: it’s a way of thinking, it’s a way of perceiving a world. Thanks to A.P.P. for new wonderful presentations that open our kids the doors to that world. Encyclopedic Knowledge – Mathematics. Ordinal Numbers. (8/17/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge – Mathematics. Inches, Feet, and Yards. (8/17/2009) Encyclopedic Knowledge [...]