At what age should children start learning to read and write?

by Educational Toys Planet

 Is it time to learn to read? When should I begin teaching a child to read?

As to when the child should begin to learn to read, parents are prevalent among different opinions. match-it-first-wordsSome believe that you should not load your child too much at preschool age, that if he learns to read early, the school will not be much fun and he will have nothing to do, get bored etc. While others, on the contrary, noting that the child can easily grasp the science of reading and writing. They insist on teaching him the science of reading and writing; teach how to put together letters, syllables and words.

Psychologists and educators recommend teaching a child to read at the age of four to five years and the following reason is given for this recommendation: First, there are research findings which indicate that the four-year-old child is easier to learn reading than a child of seven years of age, and secondly, more early acquisition of reading skills would “spread the load of learning over longer period of time. In earlier years kids can learn alphabet and reading skills by simply playing with toys that teach how to read.

It’s time to learn calligraphy? When to start teaching a child to write?

But with respect to the child learning to write at the age of four or five years the educators say: wait till school (unless the parents are not teachers), the fact is that children have mastered the early writing skills tend to come to school to retrain.

Therefore, try not to load the child too much, and if you have some spare time and energy, you could further work with her to excel in reading.