A cardboard plane for your kid to become a little pilot

by Alenka

It was officially decided: pilots rule! At least in my house. One little pilot in particular. The “Planes cartoon established itself as the new favorite and now my home resembles and airport more then an house: we have planes of every kind! We have paper craft planes, plastic ones, radio control planes, little planes, big ones, gliders, seed croppers, jets. My boy decided to be a pilot for a Halloween. My boy decided to be a pilot every day. So, it was plain, that we needed a wearable… plane.

To make a plane there were some necessities and some options…


  1. A box (not too big, or it will be hard for the kids to run around in it)
  2. Metallic spray paint (in winter using spray paint was not an option) OR Metallic looking self lining adhesive paper (the one I found was too expensive, so we skipped this option too) OR Heavy duty foil (even heavy duty one eventually rips, but we ended up building a lot of planes, so this option was the easiest and the most cost effective)
  3. A propeller: pinweel OR two more pieces of cardboard and more foil to cover it + long paper pin to attach it to the body of the plane
  4. tail (optional – kids have great imaginations and are very forgiving): another cardboard piece
  5. decorations: stars, duck tape stripes, stickers or any other creative craft kits for kids. We saved this step for the kids to personalize their planes
  6. Decide on a model: if an old plane, with double wings, then you also need something to hold the wings together: chenille sticks OR wire
  7. If you wish for children to hold the plane, nothing else is necessary, but if you wish for it to dangle off their shoulders… ribbons: pick soft, fabric ones, about ½ wide
  8. Tools: stapler, thick clear scotch tape


How do you make one?

  1. Decide if you are making an old plane with double wings or a modern with single. Leave the flaps for the wings and tail. Fold the extra flaps inside – they greatly improve how it holds its shape: not as wobbly.
  2. If using spray paint: now is the time.
  3. If you using a pinwheel, scotch tape it to the front. If using a pinwheel, make a whole for it, but you’ll attach it in the end
  4. Wrap your foil, adhesive paper around the box. Use thick scotch to attach it on the inside
  5. Make a propeller and attach it with a long pin through the whole that you made previously
  6. Attach tail with duck tape on the back fold
  7. Staple ribbons to hold the plane on your little one’s shoulders
  8. Let your kid decorate it!


My boy loved helping: unrolling the foil, cutting, sticking the tail, decorating with stars and duck tape ribbons… and, definitely, testing his new plane! Happy flying!

plane3 (1)