Air + water = wind. Best kits to teach wind energy to kids.

Do you actually know what is WIND? Wind is actually a combination of air and heat. When the sun heats the earth, the earth heats the air above it, and that hot air rises. This air leaves a space that new air needs to fill – so cooler air rushes in, causing wind. Wind is [...]

Holiday gifts. Holiday deals. All here.

It’s the most fun shopping time of the year! You buy special presents for your special children. You just imagine how broad they will smile when they open them, how happy they will be when they play with them, how smart they get when they grow with them. Awww… We have hundreds of popular holiday [...]

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Top 5 reasons why we should teach our children chemistry

1. It’s literally the basis of science. Chemistry is based on the very building blocks of all of science – microscopic things like atoms and molecules. Scientists say that chemistry is an alphabet of science. An understanding of basic concepts of chemistry could give your child a significant advantage in understanding other sciences. Take, biology, [...]

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