Volcano Power. Erupting outdoor craft

Summer is coming to an end, school days are breathing down our necks, yet my kids continue to load their pockets with every possible thing that will fit inside and drag it home “for some special project”. I don’t have the stamina to throw their treasures out. I do need a special project to utilize [...]

7 Super Easy Tricks for a Super Easy Diaper Cake

I LOVE bringing diaper cakes to baby showers: what can be more useful down the road… and more fun and suitable for the party in the meantime? I always thought they are not so hard to make, but as I was watching my dear friend, Marina, a real diaper cake guru, fashion one in a [...]

Big Magic Trick or How to Get Your Children to Eat Their Fruit

In the days of my BIG research on nutrition (and I mean BIG – – I dove into every nook and cranny), the BIG conclusion I reached regarding fruits, was that the benefits they provide to our bodies are well worth the effort. Ok, that part is a sort of no-brainier that doesn’t require a research… [...]

Extreme Heat Sale plus a special coupon EXTRA10

Extreme Heat Sale time is now! Hundreds of really hot educational toys are on sale up to 60% off. Plus we offer additional 10% on all orders $25+. Use the coupon EXTRA10. Shop now! Extreme Heat Sale is extended by popular demand, but just for 2 more days. The coupon expires on 8/5/2015.  

Play a tent! Great imaginative game for toddlers or preschoolers

Once upon a time, there was a little toddler who wanted to play a tent with his mother. So his mother covered a few chairs with the blanket, got a couple of toys… and? What is she to do next?! Some parents are so amazing at playing with their kids, that they just take off. [...]

5 Awesome Sandbox Play Activities

My friend once had a dog, who knew a very peculiar command: “Get the miner!” Every time the word “miner” would appear anywhere in the conversation, the dog would start digging on the spot, searching for a mysterious miner, lurking somewhere deep under the surface off the earth, mining its own business… and, probably, some [...]