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What does a child need to learn before entering the preschool?

Starting preschool is not easy for most children and parents. You probably have heard about the potty training as the skill requirement for preschool. Do you know what else your child needs to know or learn to join the local preschool center? Not only to get on board of this fun train, but to feel [...]

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Meet the champions of the Animal Olympics.

As the summer Olympics come to a close, people still buzz around with the names of the stars and champions that this year’s games brought us. Another successful Olympics passed, leaving the history books with many names.  Have you ever wondered what the Olympic Games would be like if animals were the athletes? Let me [...]

Let’s learn about Brazil, the home of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The upcoming 2016 summer Olympic Games are bringing immense interest to Brazil, its hosting country. The popularity of the event is a great chance for parents to teach kids geography. Introduce Brazil, learn some fun facts about this fascinating country and add some educational treat to the great sport event! Brazil is the largest country [...]