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Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

  1. # 1

    Solar System Solar Power Motorized Model Craft

  2. # 2

    Top Chic Rainbow Girls Hair Styling Set

  3. # 3

    World Landmarks Map 300 pc Puzzle

  4. # 4

    Magnetism, Tornadoes, Water Cycle Science Kit

    $24.97    Sale $17.97
  5. # 5

    Gymnic Hop 66 Blue 26 inches Hop Ball

  6. # 6

    Haute Couture Bridal Party Fashion Craft

  7. # 7

    Ultimate Crystal Growing Science Kit

  8. # 8

    Kids Tag Engraver Craft Kit

  9. # 9

    Modern Art Mobile Moving Sculpture Building Kit - Black, Red, White

  10. # 10

    African Friends 300 pc Animal Puzzle

  11. # 11

    USA Map 300 pc Puzzle

    $13.97    Sale $11.97
  12. # 12

    Meteor Rocket Science Kit

  13. # 13

    Super Go Pogo Stick Jumper for Bigger Kids

  14. # 14

    Modern Art Mobile Moving Sculpture Building Kit - Circles

  15. # 15

    Modern Art Mobile Moving Sculpture Building Kit - Red, Blue, Yellow

  16. # 16

    Girls Sewing Machine


Educational Toys Planet presents its collection of the Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls. All our educational toys will encourage your girl's curiosity, discovery, and creativity. And these top picks were specifically chosen by us to make a great educational and memorable gift for the special Nineth Birthday Girl. The best gifts for 9 year old girls are specifically designed to be learning tools and are developed to engage and excite a child’s curiosity. If you wish to capitalize on this insatiable curiosity and create a lifelong love of learning, then supplying the best educational toys and activities is key. They will keep her excited and engaged. It is tempting to spend an extravagant amount of money on gifts for your children but the best gifts for 9 year old girls are often the simplest. Each of our educator-approved and well-designed learning toys will help her master new skills. The best gifts for 9 year old girls will foster a sense of independence and prepare her for life as well as develop her interests and hobbies. Whether she is putting together a puzzle, growing crystals or engraving her own jewelry, she will be learning new skills and becoming more confident and self-assured. This will make her resilient, flexible, and multi-dimensional. As she grows, her talents and interests will be what make her special and make her feel great about herself.