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Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

  1. # 1

    Simple Machines Science Building Set

    $49.97    Sale $36.97
  2. # 2

    Crystal Growing Kids Science Kit

  3. # 3

    Fuel Cell 10 - Car & Experiment Kit

  4. # 4

    Statue of Liberty 108 pc 3D Building Puzzle

  5. # 5

    Below the Surface 1000 pc Ocean Life Puzzle

  6. # 6

    Climate & Weather Kids Science Kit

  7. # 7

    Volcanoes & Earthquakes Kids Science Kit

  8. # 8

    Chem C1000 Beginners Chemistry Science Kit

  9. # 9

    5 in 1 Deluxe Microscope 100x-1200x

  10. # 10

    Candy Chemistry Science Kit

  11. # 11

    Elements of Science - Kids Deluxe Science Kit

  12. # 12

    Happy Atoms Introduction to Atoms & Molecules Science Kit

    $59.97    Sale $52.97
  13. # 13

    Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Science Kit


Your son is curious, smart and full of wonder at the world. He is still young and fresh and enjoys new experiences. He will never be so youthful and full of wonder again. If you wish to capitalize on his thirst for knowledge and avoid him becoming bored with school (and learning in general) then supplying the best educational toys will be an important part of your job as a parent. The best gifts for 10 year old boys remind them why learning is fun and give them the opportunity to play each day. He may be required to do more “desk work” at school and he is capable of sitting and working on workbooks, reading and practicing his math and writing skills on paper. However, he still desires interactive and kinesthetic learning opportunities. These will ignite his imagination and help him retain knowledge. The best gifts for 10 year old boys bring out his personality and engage him in his interests and hobbies. These are important for learning and will make education fun for him. He can grow crystals, build simple machines, practice basic chemistry or explore geography with our wide variety of engaging, well-made and educator-approved toys and kits.