The little fingers and curious minds benefit so much from playing with the bead maze toys! Educational Toys Planet introduces a great variety of bead mazes, bead roller-coasters, and activity tables for youngsters to entertain them at home, classrooms or waiting rooms. Our bead maze toys bring hours or stimulated sensory exploration for babies, toddlers and preschoolers improving their hand/eye coordination and thinking skills. Our colorful bead mazes from the award winning toy makers will teach your little ones shape, colors, spacious thinking, problem solving, fine motor skills.

Classic Bead Mazes

Melissa & Doug Classic Bead Maze - Wooden Educational Toy - Wooden Bead...
  • Multi-shaped and brightly colored wooden beads swoop and slide along 3 roller-coaster wires
  • 18 wooden beads in a variety of shapes and sizes are easy to grip and feel great in little hands
  • Sturdy wooden base; this product ships in its own special e-commerce packaging intended to be easier to open and reduce waste

Award Winning Hape Spring-A-Ling Wooden Bead Maze Blue, L: 4.3, W: 4.3, H:...
  • Fun and learning combine in this interactive maze
  • Colorful beads go up and down and all around sliding along their rails
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and dexterity

Fisher-Price Chasing Rainbows Bead Maze
  • Whimsical bead maze activity toy with 3 colorful arches for sliding beads
  • Multi-colored beads in different shapes to slide back and forth
  • Bat-at roller with rattle beads inside for sensory-engaging play

Bead Maze Tables

A bead maze is a wire or wood framework containing a string of beads. The string is strung through the framework, and children can slide the beads along it to make their way through the maze. Typically, kids start at a certain point on the outside of the maze and move toward an end point in order to complete it. Many mazes will have places where the children can create “dead ends” by reversing direction. Some mazes also have patterned beads that act as clues for kids to solve specific pattern-based problems.

Hape E3824 Jungle Adventure Kids Toddler Wooden Bead Maze & Railway Train...
  • JUNGLE THEMED BEAD MAZE: Play surface features a colorful African scene with lakes and wildlife. The elaborate bead maze features colorful insect-themed blocks, two mountain tunnels with spinning birds. Two monkey gates can be slid onto the tracks to stop the train
  • ANIMAL TRAIN: Jungle-themed train has tiger, lion and elephant carriages. Your child is sure to enjoy hours of fun with this interactive and colorful table
  • CHILD-SIZED PLAY: Explore the jungle and its animals with this child-sized play table. Drive the train through the arches and make the birds fly. But watch out for the cheeky monkeys trying to block the way!

Hape Coral Reef Wooden Activity Center Table
  • Multi-functional and creative playtime on every side
  • Includes turtle maze challenge, a fish face, a colorful bead and wire maze, and so much more
  • Promotes logic and dexterity

Bead Maze Toy Benefits

  • Bead mazes are a toy that can help teach kids a variety of skills, such as how to count and match colors. They also allow children to have a sense of accomplishment when they can find the goal at the end of the maze. In addition, bead mazes help kids with their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and problem solving skills.
  • Melissa & Doug Pets Bead Maze
    • Wooden bead maze for babies and toddlers with colorful animal-shaped beads that slide on coated wire pathways
    • Includes 10 wooden beads that slide along two smooth and twisty coated wires, anchored in wooden bone-shaped base
    • Suction cups on base secure bead maze to smooth, flat surfaces like tables, high chairs, and wood floors
  • Bead mazes are usually made from graphite or wood, although there are plastic versions available for purchase as well. They come in a variety of forms, including flat version and a 3D version in the shape of an animal. On some bead mazes, there are openings in the wood or wire where children can easily see their way through one section to another. However, other bead mazes have many long sections where kids must turn and twist the beads in order to get from one place to another. This can help kids build coordination and problem-solving skills, as they have to figure out how to get from where they are to the goal.
  • Timy First Bead Maze Roller Coaster Wooden Educational Circle Toy for...
    • Classic toy for kids, features with colorful bead and sea animals patterns
    • Well constructed, brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces, with solid beech base
    • Perfect educational toy, helps kids to develop hand eye cordination, shape and color differentiation, fine motor skills
  • Since bead mazes require a lot of patience, they can be a great toy for one child or a group of children to play with together. In addition, these toys come in a huge variety of colors, which can help with identifying and matching. In addition, they allow children to focus on the present moment rather than getting distracted by their surroundings. This makes bead mazes a great toy for use in a classroom or daycare environment to help children learn how to calm themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze - Wooden Educational Toy for Floor, High...
    • CLASSIC DEVELOPMENTAL TOY – WITH A TWIST: The Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze is an exceptional developmental toy for kids. It features 18 multiple-shaped wooden beads and three plastic rings that spin and slide.
    • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: This baby bead maze is made from high-quality materials. The four soft-coated wires twist and turn between two solid wood blocks that display quality craftsmanship for extended safe use.
    • EXCEPTIONAL DEVELOPMENT TOY: Our Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze baby toy has been designed to help children 12 months and above develop sensory skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Bead mazes are a very versatile toy. Some mazes have specific puzzles built into them, while others simply challenge children to use their problem solving skills to turn themselves around and go the other way through the maze. With these types of bead mazes, kids are left to decide what type of problem they want to work on, which can vary depending on age, ability level, and cognitive development. The toy can also be changed over time so that kids are still challenged by the bead maze but not overwhelmed by it after multiple play sessions.
  • Timy First Bead Maze Roller Coaster Wooden Educational Circle Toy for...
    • Classic toy for kids, features with colorful bead and sea animals patterns
    • Well constructed, brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces, with solid beech base
    • Perfect educational toy, helps kids to develop hand eye cordination, shape and color differentiation, fine motor skills
  • Bead mazes can help children learn how to focus on themselves instead of their surroundings. The toy is quiet enough that it allows children to “disconnect” from the objects around them without feeling like they are isolated. This can help kids feel like they have control over themselves when in an otherwise loud and busy environment.
  • Colorback Sea Turtle
    • Guide the beads through this friendly sea turtle themed bead maze
    • All pieces are enclosed, making for a convenient travel toy with no messy clean up
    • Encourages development of problem solving and logic skills
  • Bead mazes also encourage kids to solve problems in order to get through the maze. They allow children to develop their fine motor skills by guiding beads along strings. Kids who have a variety of bead mazes at home can practice using different problem solving skills with each maze, such as identifying patterns and working on specific math problems. In addition, the beads in this toy are great for promoting a sense of accomplishment by allowing children to see how many puzzles they’ve completed.
  • Our Timeless Favorite Bead Mazes