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  1. Sort n Pop Farm Animals Sound Truck
  2. Alphabet Train Lacing Beads Learning Activity Toy
  3. Monthly Magnetic Calendar with 133 Magnets
  4. Numbers, Shapes & Colors Nesting & Stacking Blocks Set
  5. Sorting Shapes Cupcakes Learning Toy
  6. My First House Wooden Activity Center
  7. Poppin' Pictures Coding Pattern 197 pc STEM Activity Set
  8. Stacking Shapes Pegboard Learning Set
  9. Color and Shape Sorter Learning Toy
  10. Pound a Peg Motor Development Toy
  11. Junior Ball Run Baby and Toddler Activity Toy
  12. Color Flutter Butterfly Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  13. Pop Up Wooden Toy

    Pop Up Wooden Toy

    $12.99 Sale $12.75
  14. Toddler Barnyard Build & Play Farm Set
  15. Take Along Shape Sorter Manipulative Baby Toy
  16. First Pounder Wooden Hammer & Pegs Toy
  17. Felt Food - Sandwich Sorting & Matching Set
  18. Sock Monkey Nesting Monkeys
  19. Together Tunes Block

    Together Tunes Block

  20. Shape Sorting Drum Developmental Toy
  21. Stacking Train Wooden Toddler Toy
  22. ABC Lacing Sweets Learning Activity Set
  23. Stacking Clown
  24. Roller Derby Toddler Rolling Balls Activity Toy
  25. 100 pc Wood Building Blocks Set
  26. Shape Sorting Cube Wooden Toy
  27. Lacing Beads in a Box Wooden Toy
  28. Abacus Wooden Counting Toy

    Abacus Wooden Counting Toy

    $14.99 Sale $12.27
  29. Classic Toy  Bead Maze

    Classic Toy Bead Maze

    $29.99 Sale $22.97
  30. Classic ABC Block Cart Wooden Toy
  31. Quercetti FantaColor Daisy Shape Sorter
  32. Lacing Pony Manipulative Activity Toy
  33. Zigolos Giant Multicolor Train Stacking Pull Toy
  34. Stacking Music Cubes 6 pc Manipulative Activity Set
  35. Discovery Box Toddler Activity Center
  36. Chicken & Egg Stacker Baby Activity Toy
  37. Shape Sorting Clock  Preschool Learning Toy
  38. Quercetti Filo Tablet Draw with Lace Toy
  39. Stack Me Up Baby Soft Stacking Toy
  40. Birthday 10 Days Countdown Calendar Play Set
  41. Toy 4 x 4 Vehicle Magnetic 9 pc Kit
  42. Zimbbos Balancing Game

    Zimbbos Balancing Game

    $24.99 Sale $11.73
  43. Walk Along Snail Pull Activity Toy
  44. Magnetic Pattern Block Kit Geometric Magnets
  45. Fraction Equivalency Stacking Cubes Math Set
  46. Deluxe Pound a Peg Wooden Toy
  47. Butterfly Shape Sorter Wooden Activity Toy
  48. Shake & Sort Cupcakes Toddler Matching Set
  49. Sorting Shapes Learning Game

    Sorting Shapes Learning Game

    $24.99 Sale $13.19
  50. Sound & Play Busy Table Musical Activity Center
  51. Busy Tot Toddler Activity Toy
  52. Caterpillar Stacking Sensory Manipulative Toy
  53. Stack n Nest Cups Baby Stacking Toy
  54. Primary Lacing Beads Wooden Lacing Toy
  55. Giddy Up & Play Baby Activity Soft Toy Horse

    Giddy Up & Play Baby Activity Soft Toy Horse

    $79.99 Sale $49.66
  56. Musical Ball Maze 25 pc Toddler Ball Run Set
  57. Zigolos Hen Activities House Shape Sorter
  58. Double Rainbow Shape Stacking Toy
  59. Caterpillar Gear Toddler Activity Toy
  60. Stack & Pour Cups Bath Toy
  61. Shape Sorting Dump Truck Wooden Toy
  62. Rainbow Stacker Wooden Stacking Toy
  63. Rainbow Balance See-Saw Rocking Sorter
  64. Beads and Pattern Learning Card Set
  65. Stacking Veggie Preschool Game
  66. Magnetic Learning Calendar

    Magnetic Learning Calendar

    $19.99 Sale $15.49
  67. ABC Buggy Stacking Blocks Toddler Push Cart

    ABC Buggy Stacking Blocks Toddler Push Cart

    $79.99 Sale $69.95
  68. Zigolos Elk & Fox Looping Stacker & Rocker Toy
  69. Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

    Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

    $110.50 Sale $42.69
  70. First Bead Maze

    First Bead Maze

    $14.99 Sale $13.49
  71. Match & Stack Stacking Blocks
  72. Counting Stacker Wooden Block Set
  73. Count n Play Fun Barn Learning Activity Toy
  74. Countdown to Christmas Kids Advent Calendar
  75. Pyramid of Play Shape Sorting Wooden Blocks Set
  76. Shape Sorting Presents Learning Play Set
  77. Sort & Snap Color Match Learning Toy
  78. Shape Sorter Toddler Multi Activity Toy
  79. Beginner Pattern Blocks - Shapes Activity Toy
  80. Pound & Tap Bench Toddler Activity Toy
  81. Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers 10 Stacking Blocks Set
  82. Nesting & Sorting Buildings & Vehicles Wooden Play Set
  83. Farmers Market Color Sorting Set
  84. Sights & Sounds Railway Toddler Train Set
  85. Cuddly Kid Mirror Baby Toy

    Cuddly Kid Mirror Baby Toy

    $12.99 Sale $9.20
  86. Nest & Stack Shapes Wooden Activity Board
  87. Super Sorting Pie Early Math Learning Toy
  88. Zigolos Russian Dolls 5 Wooden Nesting Penguins Set
  89. Nesting & Stacking Barrels Manipulative Set
  90. Creative Peg Puzzle - Toddler Wooden 3D Puzzle
  91. Choo Choo Tracks Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  92. Shapes Lace & Trace Panels
  93. Animal Parade A to Z Wooden Animal Alphabet Puzzle Playset
  94. Take Along Baby Manipulative Activity Box
  95. Nesting & Sorting Garage & Cars Learning Playset
  96. Geometric Stacker Wooden Stacking Toy
  97. Farm Lacing Beads 14 pc Set
  98. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table
  99. Smart Snacks Stacking Doughnuts Toy
  100. Alphabet Abacus Learning Toy
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Items 1 - 100 of 270 total

Reverse sort direction
Activity toys make learning possible through doing. Stack your first blocks, make a peg design, roll the beads along the wire maze, sort basic shapes into slots, create patterns, nest the cubes by sizes - everything that you do with the little fingers develop young minds. Activity toys from Educational Toys Planet nourish cognitive perception and thinking abilities. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials from the well-recognized toy makers that proved safe educational environment for the young children. From the first months to grade school children make sensorial discoveries, learn to analyze what they could sense, and apply their abilities and skills to the more challenging tasks.

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