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Activity Toys for Birth to 12 months

42 items

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  1. Build an Inchworm Baby Linking Toy
  2. Together Tunes Block

    Together Tunes Block

  3. Roll & Ring Ramp Tower Motor Skills Toy
  4. Side to Side Discovery Cube Toddler Activity Toy
  5. Chicken & Egg Stacker Baby Activity Toy
  6. Junior Ball Run Baby and Toddler Activity Toy
  7. Count n Play Fun Barn Learning Activity Toy
  8. Cuddly Kid Mirror Baby Toy

    Cuddly Kid Mirror Baby Toy

    $12.99 Sale $9.20
  9. Giddy Up & Play Baby Activity Soft Toy Horse

    Giddy Up & Play Baby Activity Soft Toy Horse

    $79.99 Sale $49.66
  10. Animal Ball Chase Toddler Activity Table
  11. Crawl n' Go Snail

    Crawl n' Go Snail

    $34.95 Sale $22.48
  12. Stack n Nest Cups Baby Stacking Toy
  13. Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

    Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

    $110.50 Sale $42.69
  14. Stack Me Up Baby Soft Stacking Toy
  15. Shake & Sort Cupcakes Toddler Matching Set
  16. Take Along Shape Sorter Manipulative Baby Toy
  17. Busy Tot Toddler Activity Toy
  18. Take Along Baby Manipulative Activity Box
  19. Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs Sorting Toy
  20. Pop Up Wooden Toy

    Pop Up Wooden Toy

    $12.99 Sale $12.75
  21. Grow with Me Musical Walker Toddler Push Toy
  22. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table
  23. Zoo Stack & Pour Buckets 5 pc Bath Toy
  24. Bath Quacky Cups Set
  25. Baby 5 Toys Gift Set
  26. Zoom Zoom Vehicles Baby Soft Cars Set
  27. Whimsy Blocks 15 pc Baby Wooden Blocks Set
  28. Stacking Faces Bath Toy
  29. Lamaze Rainbow Rings Soft Stacking Baby Toy
  30. Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack Up Baby Toy
  31. Music Fun Baby Activity Cube
  32. Bright Starts Baby Lights & Colors Driver Steering Wheel Dashboard
  33. Stacking Cups
  34. Activity Play Cube Baby Manipulative Toy
  35. Smart Stacker Baby Manipulative Toy
  36. Soft Blocks 6 pc Baby Stacking Cubes Set
  37. Bop & Roll Toddler Motor Skills Activity Center
  38. Farm Friends Pop Together Beads Baby Toy
  39. Stacking Buckets Owl Family Shape Sorter
  40. Whirl n Go Ball Tower Baby Activity Toy
  41. Stack a Cake Baby Stacking Toy
  42. Explore & More Rocking Owl Stacker Sensory Toy

42 items

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Activity toys make learning possible through doing. Stack your first blocks, make a peg design, roll the beads along the wire maze, sort basic shapes into slots, create patterns, nest the cubes by sizes - everything that you do with the little fingers develop young minds. Activity toys from Educational Toys Planet nourish cognitive perception and thinking abilities. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials from the well-recognized toy makers that proved safe educational environment for the young children. From the first months to grade school children make sensorial discoveries, learn to analyze what they could sense, and apply their abilities and skills to the more challenging tasks.

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