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Activity Workbooks for 10 Years and Older

We believe in fun learning, and our new section of the learning Activity Books is one of the best assistants in uniting education with entertainment. Educational Toys Planet proudly presents the Art Activity Books and Science Activity Books that earned numerous toy industry awards for their learning value, superb quality and play elements. The Activity Books contain colorfully illustrated informational books for children of different ages, but also offer card games, or craft kit, or design set, or trivia game, or puzzle, or the combination of these elements. Our Activity Books will deepen your child interest in learning and present art concepts, historic epochs, famous people, scientific principles, and much more. And all these kits are interactive and so much fun!
  1. Beginning Sounds 64 Pages Preschool Workbook
  2. Math Basics 64 Pages Grade 1 Workbook
  3. Reading Activities Grades 1-2 64 Pages Workbook
  4. Famous Painting Art Kit - Sunflowers by Van Gogh
  5. Famous Painting Art Kit - The Great Wave by Hokusai
  6. Famous Painting Art Kit - The Starry Night by Van Gogh
  7. Breyer For Horse Crazy Girls Only Book
  8. Word Search 40 Pages Activity Book
  9. Breyer Wild Blue Horse Story Book and Model Set

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