4D Puzzle

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  1. 4D Science Plant Cell Model

    4D Science Plant Cell Model

    $31.50 Sale $25.94
  2. 4D Science Animal Cell Anatomy Model
  3. 4D Puzzle T-Rex Dinosaur

    4D Puzzle T-Rex Dinosaur

    $6.99 Sale $3.99
  4. 4D Puzzle Triceratops Dinosaur
  5. Human Skeleton & Muscles 4D Anatomy Model
  6. 4D Human Exploded Skull Anatomy Model
  7. 4D Human Pregnancy Torso Anatomy Model
  8. 4D Human Head Anatomy Model

    4D Human Head Anatomy Model

    $39.99 Sale $29.95
  9. Human Heart Anatomy Life Size 4D Deluxe Model
  10. 4D Vision Frog Anatomy Model
  11. 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model
  12. 4D Vision Dog Full Skeleton Model

12 items

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4D Puzzle is a major line of 4D Master, one of the toy brands of the Fame Master company. 4D Master aims to bring the innovative educational products that develop children’s interest towards science, social studies, and various aspects of learning. 4D Puzzle’s mission is to design and manufacture quality learning toys with very fine details. 4D Puzzle amazing science toys explore new depth of knowledge for the growing generation, introduce the latest scientific discoveries, let the children to explore through challenging and fun activities. Educational Toys Planet offers the human anatomy and science 4D puzzles and models that will educate and entertain the children at their homes or classrooms.