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  1. Fire Truck Sound Puzzle
  2. Vehicles Peg 8 pc Wooden Puzzle
  3. Busy City Lacing and Puzzle Set
  4. Vehicles 10 pc Wooden Knob Puzzle
  5. Fire Engine Shaped Floor Puzzle
  6. Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle
  7. Vehicles 24 pc Puzzle in a Suitcase Box
  8. On the Go Vehicles Knob Puzzle
  9. My 3D Race 9 Vehicle Puzzles Set
  10. Vehicles Wooden Cube Puzzle
  11. Chunky Puzzle Scene Yellow House Wooden Puzzle
  12. Vehicle Sound Puzzle
  13. Vehicles Peg Wooden Puzzle
  14. Construction Vehicles Chunky Puzzle
  15. Vehicles 36 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in Shaped Gift Box
  16. Vehicles Fleurus Sound Wooden Peg Puzzle
  17. Vehicles 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle
  18. Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle
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Items 1 - 18 of 20 total

Reverse sort direction

Why do kids need Vehicle Puzzles?

Vroom! All drivers to the cars! Machinery, motors, wheels, roar, and speed always excite little (as well as big) enthusiasts of machine world. Our exciting collection of vehicle puzzles features fire trucks, planes, boats, trains, racing cars, building machines, emergency vehicles. Imagine and learn putting these vehicle puzzles together. We carry wooden knob and peg vehicle puzzles perfect for the little hands and more advanced floor car puzzles that will challenge dexterity skills and mathematical planning skills.