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  1. GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr.
  2. GeoSafari Electronic Talking Globe
  3. USA Geography Learning Game for Kids
  4. Freeze Up! Thinking Electronic Game
  5. GeoDice World Geography Game
  6. Skeletons in the Closet Anatomy Game
  7. Where in the World Geography Game
  8. GeoCards USA - Geography Card Game
  9. Learn Your World Connector Kids Q&A Game
  10. Around the World Geography Trivia Board Game
  11. Our America - US Trivia Board Game
  12. Totally Gross Fun Science Game
  13. Great States US Map Board Game
  14. GeoCards World - Geography Card Game
  15. The Riddle Show Talking Electronic Microphone

15 items

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Why do kids need Trivia Games?

Educational Toys Planet is proud to present a fun way to learn together. Our collection of trivia games will challenge your children and put their knowledge to the test. Young children and whole families will love our diverse trivia games. Test your knowledge in the following fields: animals, baseball, science, geography, manners, even anatomy! Build your own trivia game for an extra group challenge. A great way to practice factual recall and critical thinking.