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  1. GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr.

    GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr.

    $155.97 Sale $126.97
  2. Giant Coloring Playhouse

    Giant Coloring Playhouse

    $43.97 Sale $38.79
  3. Giant Coloring Pirate Ship

    Giant Coloring Pirate Ship

    $32.97 Sale $28.97
  4. DNA Science Kit
  5. Best of Bach Children Classical Music CD
  6. The Great Word Race Spelling Game
  7. Shark 100 pcs Puzzle
  8. Peter and the Wolf Children Classical Music CD
  9. Original Slinky Spring Toy
  10. Meet the Orchestra CD - Baby Einstein
  11. Grow Your Own Strawberries Plant Science Kit
  12. Tasty Science - Food Science Kit
  13. Fly Trap Fiends Micro Terrarium Mini Plant Kit
  14. Travel Fractiles-7 Magnetic Mosaic Tiles Toy
  15. Hail to the Chief - Presidential Election Game
  16. Best of Mozart Classical Music Children CD
  17. Our America - US Trivia Board Game
  18. Dusty Desert Cacti Micro Terrarium Mini Plant Kit
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Items 1 - 18 of 51 total

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Strengthen the economy as your strengthen your child's skills with our toys made in USA. Buying toys made in USA you help the economy and your children's development at the same time. You can feel good about purchasing products Made in the USA knowing that you are getting high quality products produced domestically under American labor and environmental laws. Also, toys made in USA bring jobs to your neighbors and require fewer natural resources to bring to your door.