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Toy Tools Bestsellers

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  1. Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop
  2. Kids Electric Cordless Drill
  3. Kids Wooden Workbench
  4. Cool Tools Toddler Activity Set
  5. Giant Magnetic Workbench Playset for Kids
  6. Take Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy Tools Set
  7. Kids Toolbox and 6 pc Real Tools Toolset
  8. Race Car & Tools Toddler Playset
  9. Big Rig Wooden Building Set
  10. Twist & Drill - Toy Drill Craft Set
  11. Build Wooden Truck Vehicle Construction Set
  12. Design & Drill Take Along Tool Kit
  13. Work Belt Toy Tool Set
  14. Kids Woodworking Building Set - Classic Toolbox
  15. Simple Tape Measure for Kids
  16. Little Builder Tool Belt with Toy Tools
  17. Design & Drill Activity Center
  18. Kids Tools and Mini Workbench Building Set
  19. Toy Tape Measure
  20. Toolbox Fill and Spill Baby Soft Toy Tools Set
  21. Kids 10 pc Real Tools Toolset
  22. Kids Real Tool Belt
  23. Kids Carpenter Real Workbench
  24. Bella Butterfly Girls Garden & Work Gloves
  25. Little Handyman First Tool Set
  26. Happy Giddy Kids Garden Gripping Gloves
  27. Design & Drill Socket to Me Building Toy
  28. Tin Tool Box with Tools for Kids
  29. Kids 5 pc Real Tools Toolset
  30. Kids Toolbox with Tray
  31. Fix It Wooden Tool Box Play Set
  32. Learn to Solder Beginners Soldering Kit
  33. Kids Metal Wheelbarrow 3 pc Garden Tools Set
  34. Tools Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  35. Master Workbench Wooden Playset for Kids
  36. Train Engineer Kids Costume Role Play Set
  37. Children Wooden Work Bench
  38. Kids 8 pc Real Tools Toolset

38 items

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Why do kids need Toy Tools?

All serious young builders rely on their toy tools when they build skyscrapers or towers, school or road, racing track or new vehicle. Your little carpenter or painter should have a good quality hammer, drill, screwdriver to make his construction project work the way he designed it. Educational Toys Planet brings the whole collection of toy tools and tool playsets for fun pretend play. From toy tools puzzles to sophisticated drill 3D construction sets the children of different ages and manipulative abilities will learn about tools, basic building skills, simple measurement and numbers. With our toy tools for kids we guarantee lots of exercises for the little hands and lots of fun for all young helpers!