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  1. Pallina Bamboo Sticks Strategy Game
  2. IQ Steps Brain Teaser Puzzle
  3. Kanoodle 3D Puzzle Game

    Kanoodle 3D Puzzle Game

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  4. Tic Tac Twice Math Skills Game
  5. Sudoku Family Kids Logic Game
  6. Triple Try 3D Perception Thinking Game
  7. Anti-Virus Brain Teaser Game
  8. Sci-ology Memory & Strategy Game
  9. Presto Change-O Money Learning Board Game
  10. Quick Chess - Introduction to Chess Game
  11. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Strategy Game
  12. Kanoodle Genius Brain Teaser 3D Puzzle Game

12 items

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Why do kids need Strategy Games?

Playing smart games with your family and friends is the most interactive and fun way to develop and improve critical reasoning, logic, problem solving, planning and thinking skills. Our educational selection of strategy games will occupy your children and even adults for hours. When your children learn to apply different ways to solve problems playing strategy games they get necessary boost for their self-esteem and character building as additional benefits. True edutament starts with the right clever selected strategy games.