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  1. Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie Talkie 2 pc Set
  2. Spy Gear Spy Specs Video Glasses
  3. Talking Tubes - Kids Communication Toy
  4. Kids Voice Changer
  5. Voice Changer for Kids
  6. Bionic Ear Kids Spy Listening Device
  7. Spy Gear Walkie Talkie 2 pc Set
  8. Rearview Spy Glasses for Children
  9. Spy Gear Night Goggles
  10. Crime Solver Scope & Forensic Activity Journal Science Kit
  11. Sonic Sleuth Kids Spy Gear
  12. Secret Marker Kit Spy Toy
  13. Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch
  14. Night Vision Goggles with Listening Device Spy Gear Set
  15. Room Alarm Lab Science Kit
  16. Spy Case - Kids Cool Spy Gear
  17. Super Sleuth Kit - Spy Set for Kids
  18. Kids Deluxe Crime Scene Detective Lab

18 items

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Why do kids need Spy Gear?

Get some cool spy gear and be a real man of mystery! You can record voices, practice night vision, detect motion, spot clues to solve any crime using the most stylish spy gear of the 21st century. Our forensic mystery detective kits, binoculars, motion detectors, and other spy gear will help you to learn how to solve mysteries, work undercovered and organize a fun spying game with your friends! Our detective science sets are great for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Educational Toys Planet’s spy gear unites pretend play with modern science and loads of fun!