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Image: Quizzillion - Build Your Own Quiz Game

Quizzillion - Build Your Own Quiz Game

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Quizzillion - Build Your Own Quiz Game
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Description of Quizzillion - Build Your Own Quiz Game

Host an exciting game show right in your living room! Amaze your friends and family with your creativity and knowledge! Produce your own trivia game! You can do these and many more things with Quizzillion - a revolutionary game by Learning Resources. Quizzillion is a really different creative trivia game. In Quizzillion Gyou are the writer, the producer, the host, and the participant of the game show! This incredible game allows you to create your own trivia questions to quiz family and friends. To play Quizzillion, Build Your Own Quiz Game, you need to generate the multiple-choice questions. Then you can record your questions, and get ready for fun time. While playing Quizillion, the questions will be announced from the base, which is ingeniously shaped like a crystal ball. If you know the answer, you must buzz in using your convenient wireless remote. The first person to buzz in scores a point for himself (herself) or the team. Don't worry about counting points G the base will keep the score. This unique children and family game allows you to choose one of 3 modes: usual buzz-in, random player selection, and live mode. The whole family can enjoy playing Quizzillion from Educational Toys Planet even if they cannot read G just listen to the questions. Adults can join the fun too! There are many great occasions you can use Quizzillion for: family game night, a trivia game, parties, play dates, theme or sport quizzes, etc. You can even use it to study for school tests! The innovative electronic quiz game includes 4 wireless buzzers, and a Quizzillion base. Quizzillion is designed for 1-4 players, or teams. 3AA batteries, not included, are required for base, 2 AAA batteries, not included, are required for each of 4 remotes. Base measures 8 x 5 x 7.

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