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  1. Sticky Mosaics Jewelry Box
  2. Sticky Mosaics Pretty Cards

    Sticky Mosaics Pretty Cards

    $14.99 Sale $13.97
  3. Sticky Mosaics Fabulous Fish Craft Kit
  4. Sticky Mosaics Blinglets - Bracelets Craft Kit
  5. Sticky Mosaics Tooth Fairy Trinket Box Craft Kit
  6. Sticky Mosaics Pretty Things
  7. My First Finger Paint & Frames Painting Kit
  8. Sticky Mosaics Ballerinas Girls Craft Kit
  9. Magnetic Color Cubes Travel Toy
  10. Sparkle Bands Stick n Style Girls Fashion Craft Kit
  11. Sticky Mosaics Heart Box
  12. Magnetic Mosaics Metal Jr.
  13. My First Sticky Mosaics Vehicles
  14. Sticky Mosaics Happily Ever After Jewelry Box
  15. Sticky Mosaics Dolphins
  16. Sticky Mosaics Pretty Princess Craft Kit
  17. Sticky Mosaics I Love Horses Girls Craft Kit
  18. Sticky Mosaics Robots Craft Kit
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Items 1 - 18 of 32 total

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The Orb Factory is internationally recognized Canadian toy company that came up with innovative creative mosaic sets for children of all ages. Boy and girls around the U.S. are fond of Orb Factory’s sticky mosaic pictures and 3D craft kits. The Orb Factory is really proud for its children products’ high quality, unique design and educational component. These colorful sticky mosaics teach children geometry and patterns, colors and shapes, creativity and imagination. Educational Toys Planet welcomes Orb Factory’s mosaic sets for younger and older boys and girls in our arts and crafts collection. The Orb Factory Limited won the Industry Leader Award (by Learning Express) in 2011 and ASTRA Excellence Award for 2011 plus multiple toy industry awards for their great toys.