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  1. First Shapes - Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  2. Shape Sorting Clock  Preschool Learning Toy
  3. Kids Hopscotch Floor Puzzle Mat
  4. Numbers 1-20 Early Math Puzzle
  5. Shape Sorting Clock Wooden Toy
  6. Match It! - Counting Learning Puzzle
  7. Colors & Shapes Match It Learning Puzzle
  8. Jumbo Numbers Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  9. Alphabet & Numbers Puzzle Matching Game
  10. Match It! - Numbers Matching Puzzle
  11. Fractions Pie Puzzles Fractions Learning Toy
  12. Owly Clock Time Learning Double Sided Toy
  13. World of Learning 3-in-1 Early Math Games Set
  14. Numbers Wooden Puzzle Cards
  15. What Time Is It? Time Learning Playset
  16. Shapes Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  17. Geo Shapes Knob Puzzle Board
  18. Happy Hour Clock Wooden Puzzle
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Items 1 - 18 of 31 total

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Why do kids need Math Puzzles?

From counting to identifying shapes to telling time, math is a large part of your child’s world. Many experiences can impact their understanding of the mathematical world. Math puzzles are a good way to leave a positive impact on your child. Combining unique and engaging activities with educational strategies, Educational Toys Planet offers math puzzles to stimulate your child with lessons in geometry, money, and telling time. Start your child with basic toys involving shapes and counting, and let your child grow with more advanced math puzzles which teach adding, multiplication, and more!