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  1. Marvin's Mind Blowing Magic 100 Magic Tricks Set
  2. Kids Deluxe Magic Show Kit 100 Tricks Suitcase
  3. Deluxe Magic Set for Kids
  4. Marvin's Amazing Magic 225 Tricks Kids Magic Set
  5. Marvin's Magic Box of 125 Tricks Kids Magic Set
  6. Ryan Oakes' Magic Hat 75 Tricks Kids Magic Set
  7. Juggling Balls 3 pc Velvet Set - Blue
  8. Kids Magic Show Kit
  9. Kids First Magic Tricks Set
  10. Classic Juggling Balls
  11. Marvin's Magic Create & Make Magic Kit for Kids
  12. Mini Juggling Balls Set

    Mini Juggling Balls Set

    $4.97 Sale $4.49
  13. Spectacular 100 Tricks Kids Magic Show Kit
  14. Discovery Magic Set for Kids
  15. Kids Deluxe Magic Show - Fantasma 200+ Magic Tricks Set
  16. Kids Top Hat Magic Show - Fantasma Magic Tricks Set
  17. Incredible Illusions Magic Set for Kids
  18. Kids Deluxe Juggling Set
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Items 1 - 18 of 19 total

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Why do kids need Magic Kits?

Abracadabra! Your young magician smiles at his audience and starts showing amazing magic tricks. How does he do that? With our cool children magic kits! Educational Toys Planet presents children magic kits for beginners and more experiences magicians. Our magic kits include disappearing objects, multiplying coins, secret boxes, magic scarves and more! Read the simple instructions, take some time to practice and surprise your family and friends with the exciting magic tricks from our magic kits. Let’s the magic show begin!